How to Start a Club

Starting a club is relatively easy. At this point I will assume you are over the age of 40, have some riding friends or would like to make some, and agree with the philosophy "Friends riding together". This is a club based on inclusiveness and socializing.

Option 1 - Area Coordinator

This is a more casual approach. You need to be a least 1-hour travel time from any existing Retreads chapters. You send your application and $25 to the Regional Rep. with a letter asking permission to become an Area Co-ordinator. You will have access to all member benefits. You will have 3 years to get a chapter going. Your name and number will be listed on the Alberta website as a contact for your area.

Option 2 - Start a Chapter

You will send a letter of intent to start a Retreads chapter, need 8-10 persons to sign their paid application, plus proof of chapter bank account. All this will be sent to the International Retreads President. On approval you will be granted chapter status. You will have access to all member benefits plus club executive insurance. Your chapter name and contact number will be listed on the Alberta website, with encouragement to make your own website.

Ideas to start a group

First you need a regular place to meet (Remember to ask the owner permission)
Keep it family oriented - family restaurant - coffee shop - bike shop - maybe a bike night - etc.
Advertise - local bike shops - bike events - word of mouth - flyers (remember to state where/what/why/who).

A stranger is just a friend you haven't met!

- Retreads Regional Rep AB & BC

The Retreads are movin' forward - Catch the wave!